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Steven Segal is co-owner and coffee specialist here at Canvas Coffee Company.  

Coffee is a true passion in Stevens life, with over a decade being dedicated to learning about coffee. From working at one of the largest coffee roasters, hands-on experience with 

the roasting process and being a barista. Steven is a true coffee Connoisseur. 



Taylor is co-owner, operations manager and the driving force behind ensuring that your coffee is delivered to your door in a timely manner. His passion has always been business and art. His main pursuit is bridging the art community and those who also enjoy a quality and honest product in every cup. 



Angie is a mother of two who finds her sanity amidst the chaos of life with a paint brush in hand. It is through a passion of sharing her art, as well as seeking art, of all forms, around her in her day to day life that fuels her. It is only with a strong, delicious cup of coffee that she is able to have the energy to forge through life as our design artist and the wonderful challenges of motherhood.    

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