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Our re-launch has started! Take advantage of a special coupon!

                                   Hello everyone!
     Taylor Allen here with an update about Canvas Coffee Company. We had our launch a few months ago when we ran into a critical error with our website. This error stopped anyone from being able to subscribe or even buy a single product. After much deliberation, we had to fire our web designer and shift through a few more before building our own site.
     With much work and time we are happy to announce our reopening! Because of this inconvenience , I have lowered all of our prices.

Three bag subscription was- 39.95 - now- 34.95 -
One Bag Subscription was- 19.95 - now- 13.95 -
Single Bags was- 16.95 - now- 13.95 -
Also for anyone who is reading this, take advantage of our new coupon.
20% off your subscription for the first THREE MONTHS!
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     Canvas Coffee Company sell subscription box coffee, roasted fresh to order and delivered to your doorstep every month!
The best quality beans from around the world, roasted and sent within 3 days to ensure you have the best tasting coffee you've ever had!

     Be sure to join our social media to share with us where you drink your coffee and the art that you create, to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram! There are also special coupons for Facebook followers only! So hurry and join the growing community.

     Thank you all so much for sticking around with us! We will continue our passion of coffee and art with all of you.
Coffee and Art that touch the heart

Taylor Allen-Ceo
Canvas Coffee Company LLC.
Website link-
Phone- (530)721-1117